IntraPol introduction for students

Welcome to Metropolitan University College

At Metropolitan University College, we use a shared electronic system called IntraPol. Here you will find the information that is necessary for you as a student. IntraPol is used by you and the teachers on the modules or degree course you are enrolled in, and you can also use the system to communicate and collaborate with fellow students. For students doing internships, communication with your placement and counsellors is also available through IntraPol. When you commence your studies, a lesson on how to use IntraPol might be planned for you, which will be visible on your timetable.


The username is your student number. Before you can log into IntraPol for the first time, you must verify your username and change your password. Your temporary password, if you have not signed into the system before, will be the last four digits of your CPR number. If you do not have a Danish CPR number, you must contact Student Services, who will inform you on the last four digits.

If you have logged into Metropolitan's systems, wireless network or printer before, you can simply log into IntraPol with that same password.

When you need to verify your username and change your password to access IntraPol, the way of doing so depends on where you are:

1. If you want to change your password when you are outside the reach of Metropolitan's network, you must do it this way:

2. If you want to change your password from one of Metropolitan's PCs, follow these instructions:


3. If you change your password from your own computer, tablet or phone when you are on one of Metropolitan's locations, you must do it this way:

Once you have verified your username and changed the password, you will be able to access IntraPol

Read more on how to log on here:

If you have trouble logging in:

If this does not solve your problem, please contact ITSupport. (See below)

IT Support

If you have any problems with the features of IntraPol or find errors on the site, please contact ITSupport.

ITSupport can be contacted by phone: 7248 7575 Monday to Thursday 7:45-16:00 and Fridays 7:45-15:00

Students can also go to see an IT supporter in the newly designed atrium on Tagensvej 86, Building A. Street entrance to the atrium is located on Hermodsgade 8

An IT supporter will be present 10:00-14:00 every weekday.

You can also write an e-mail to:

User guides to IntraPol can be found here:

The guide is made by Henrik Abildgaard  october 2013


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