How do I submit an assignment?

Go to the group in which the assignment must be submitted

  1. Click “Assignments"
  2. Click on the active assignment you want to submit

You now have the following options:

You now have the following options:
  1. Click here if a link or file is there to tell you more about what the assignment is about
  2. Click “Hand in” if you are ready to upload your assignment

You are required to upload a file

You are required to upload a file
  1. Click the button “Browse” to select a file

2.        Mark the file you want to upload

3.        Click “Open” to upload it

The assignment has now been uploaded and you have the following options:

Your file has now been uploaded but not submitted

  1. You can regret by deleting the file: click “Delete”
  2. Click “Browse” if you want to add additional files. Note that you are usually not allowed to submit several files at Metropolitan University College. Read more about it here:énfil
  3. Add a comment by writing in this field
  4. Tick this box if you want the assignment to be displayed in the assignment bank
  5. To submit, you must confirm that you comply with the examination order by ticking this box
  6. Complete your submission by clicking: "Finish hand-in". When you have pressed "Finish hand-in" a receipt will be sent to your Office 365 e-mail account

You have not submitted before you have pressed "Finish hand-in"

NOTE: All submitted assignments are checked for plagiarism

Your assignment has now been submitted

  1. To edit your hand-in, it must first be opened. WARNING: If you open your hand-in it is no longer considered handed in; you must click the 'Finish Handin' button again. , and a new receipt will be sent to your Office 365 e-mail account
  2. Click "Back" to go back to the overwiev

You will now be able to see in the overview that you have submitted the assignment

You will only be able to see feedback and potential marks for assignments that are submitted as part of classes. Marks for internal and external examinations will be found on your profile: Hvordan ser jeg mine eksamenskarakterer?

  1. A green tick will show that you have submitted your assignment
  2. When feedback has been provided, an envelope will be present in the column "Feedback from teacher"
  3. Click on the assignment to see the feedback you have received

Feedback is shown

Feedback is shown
  1. Assignment status is visible here
  2. If you teacher has added a file as part of the feedback, you will access it by clicking here

This guide was developed by Henrik Abildgaard October 2013 and translated by Denise Rose Hansen October 2014



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