How do I forward my mail in Office 365 to another e-mail account?

Log into your Office 365 account

Log into your Office 365 account

Office 365 is now opening in Outlook

  1. Now click the symbol for settings
  2. Choose the submenu: "Options"

3.     Click: "Mail"
4.     Choose: "Forwarding"
5.     Tick: "Start forwarding"
6.     Write the e-mail address you would like to forward to here. If you copy the address from somewhere else so beware, if there comes an extra space in the mail address , it will cause the forwarding to fail and you will not receive the forwarded mails
7.     Tick this box if you would like to keep a copy of all forwarded mail in your Office 365 mailbox
8.     Click: "Save" to save the settings

NOTE: Remember to send a test e-mail to make sure it works!

This guide was developed by Henrik Abildgaard, September 2013, and translated by Denise Rose Hansen, October 2014


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