How do I open Office 365 for the first time?

When you are logged onto IntraPol

When you are logged onto IntraPol
  1. Click on the symbol for email in the right-hand corner

Office 365 will open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser.

The first time you log onto Office 365 this screen appears

On the introduction page you have various options:

  1. You can install software that connects Office 365 with the Office package you have installed on your computer. As a student, you can download the Office package for free. See how in the guideHow do I install Office 2013 on my computer for free?
  2. You can also configure Office 365 on a mobile device
  3. Here you can access your email (Outlook), calendar, contacts, news feed, Onedrive (previously Skydrive) and web pages.

If you want to forward emails received on your Office 365 account to your private email account, see the guide How do I forward my emails in Office 365 to another email account?


This guide was developed by Henrik Abildgaard, August 2013, and translated by Denise Rose Hansen, June 2015


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