How do I install Office 2013 on my computer for free?

Information about license

Information about license

As a student at Metropol , you can install Office 2013 on up to 5 devices (See the units at the bottom of the instructions) . Be aware that the program only works as long as you are an active student at Metropol .

Log on to IntraPol

Click on the envelope to access your email account.

You are now logged into your email account

You are now logged into your email account
  1. Select settings by clicking on the sprocket
  2. Select settings for Office 365

You will now see the installation options

  1. Here you can select language and version
  2. Click ’install’

Security warning

Security warning

Click ’Run’ to install Office

Other installation options

Here you see your options for installing the software on other devices

When the installation is complete, you need to log in with an existing Office365 user, which is your student number followed by Your password is the same password you use for IntraPol

This guide was developed by Jesper Pedersen, March 2013, and translated by Denise Rose Hansen, June 2015


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