Help - EnglishIt systems and servicesNetwork Change of password to Metropols IT systemsHow do I (as a student) change my password for the IT systems via PHMConnect?

How do I (as a student) change my password for the IT systems via PHMConnect?

This solution is available when you are at Metropol and able to reach the wireless network PHMConnect

You can use your own computer, smartphone or tablet. If you are outside the range of Metropol's wireless connection you can change the password here.

Make sure you are connected to the network "PHMConnect"
  1. Click the network icon that you find at the bottom of the screen
  2. Now select PHMConnect and
  3. Click 'Opret forbindelse' ('Connect')
Use your browser to go online

Now, your screen should show the picture below. If it does not appear, you can try and type in the address bar and press 'Enter'


Use your browser to go online
  1. Click the English flag
  2. Click 'Skift password' ('Change password') to change your password
You must now fill out these fields:
  1. Your previous password. If you are a new student, your previous password is the 4 last digits of your Danish ID number (CPR-number, i.e. your Danish social security number). If you do not have a Danish ID number and have not received a temporary ID number number,contact Student Services for guidance.
  2. Type your new password. It has to contain at least 8 digits and you cannot have used it as a password at Metropolitan University College before.
  3. Repeat your new password.
  4. Click 'Send'

Your password has now been changed

Guide updated by Henrik Abildgaard 2017-07-21


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