How do I operate the Printers?

All printers are of the type Xerox 7535 and they all work the same way. The first time you use Skyprint you need to match your employee/student ID card with your login: You can read more about this in the guide below.

What does it mean for you:

  • You need to read this guide thoroughly
  • Nothing is printed without being released to a printer first – your important print outs remain in the system until you approve the print out manually on the printer.
  • You can release your print outs from any printer.
  • For the sake of convenience, you always need your employee/student ID card with you, but if you forget it, you can log in manually.
  • If you have any problems, report it here or call 7248 7575
  • You can see the cost of print here.

At first use:

At first use:

The first time you use your card for downloading a print out, it is necessary to ‘match’ your employee/student ID card with the print out system. When you swipe your card across the card reader, it gives a little ‘beep’ and this screen appears:

1. Type your initials/student number here

2. Click ‘Accept’

NB: the screen keyboard is very sensitive.

You can easily press ‘Accept’ twice by accident.

This can cause an error in which case you have to start over.

Enter password:

Enter password:

1. Here you enter your password for the computers of Metropolitan University College

2. Please notice that it may cause some confusion when you switch between small (‘Små’) and capital letters (‘Store/små’)

NB! These buttons are tricky so keep an eye on whether the letters on the keyboard are capital or not!

If you, contrary to expectations, still cannot have access with the message ‘access denied’ or ‘account too low’, we ask you to call IT-Support on 72 48 75 75. If you enter the wrong password too many times, the system will lock your account.

NB: It is never a good idea to include special letters such as Æ, Ø or Å in your password.

This may be the reason to why you cannot match your card to the system and those letters also cause problems in several of our other systems.

Have you forgotten your ID card?

Have you forgotten your ID card?

If you on day have forgotten you employee/student ID card, you can still copy and print. You simple press the ‘print release’ icon on the printer:

1. Then click ‘Alternativt Login’, which gives you the possibility of entering initials/student number and password manually

If the display is offline:

When the printer goes into ‘hibernation’, the connection to the card reader is closed and the small green lamp on the card reader is turned off.

1. You take the printer out of hibernation by pressing the green shining button on the printer.

Immediately after, you can log in.

If the display is offline:

You are now able to print.

The guide was created by Henrik Abildgaard November 2012, and translated by Line Traberg Larsen July 2016.


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