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How do I put Money on my Print/Copy Account?

Open a browser and type this in the address bar:

1. Choose: ‘English’

2. Click: ‘Next’

Choose one of the 6 options, e.g. ‘Deposit funds to my print/copy account

1. Click: ‘Deposit funds to my print/copy account’

Remember: You cannot have your money back if you have spent some of them or if more than 14 days have passed since you deposited the funds.

2. Click: ‘Next’

Log in with your student number and password. (The same you use when you log in to the school computer)

1. Type you username here (student number).

2. Type your password here.

3. Click 'Next'

Insert amount

1. Choose amount from the drop-down panel.

2. Click: ‘Next’

Type your email

1. Type your email address here.

2. Click: ‘Next’

Finish with payment

1. Choose your payment form and pay in the same manner as with a normal internet transaction 

You have now deposited funds to your print/copy account.

The guide was created by Henrik Abildgaard April 2012, and translated by Line Traberg Larsen July 2016


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