How much is a Print Out?

Here you can see the cost of copy/print out. It is free to scan to USB or email. NB: if you scan to an email, there is an approx. 20 Mb limit for mail attachments. This corresponds to approx. 15 pages.


  • Copy and print in A4 black/white costs: 0.45 DKK

  • Copy and print in A4 in colour costs: 0.90 DKK


  • Copy and print in A3 black/white costs: 0.90 DKK

  • Copy and print in A3 in colour costs: 1.80 DKK

    To be able to print, it is necessary to have money on your print account. You can put money into your account by going to: (no ‘www’ in front)

    See a guide here

    This guide was created by Henrik Abildgaard July 2013, and translated by Line Traberg Larsen July 2016


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