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Quick Guide to Problems with Printing

Quick guide to known challenges you might encounter when printing

Change of toner and drum cartridges

You need to follow the instructions on the display of the printer and/or in the box with the spare part. Be careful not to spill the toner or any other substance.

1. On/off button. It takes approx. 15 seconds to turn off the printer. It takes 5 minutes for the printer to start up again.

2. Toner containers.

3. Drum cartridge from R1 to R4.

4. The boxes with used toner is called ‘Waste toner.’

5. The boxes with the cleaning unit to the transfer belt is called ‘Transfer Belt Cleaner.’

Warning about ‘Nødvendige ressourcer’ (necessary resources)

This happens when you have ordered a print out in a format the printer does not support. The standard formats of the printer are A4 and A3 in regular paper size.

Be careful that this document blocks all prints until it is either printed or deleted.

If you press ‘Vis aktive opgaver’ (Show active tasks), the following appears:

1. Press the document

2. Press ‘Udskriv på andet papir’ (print on different paper) and choose either A4 or A3.

Alternatively, the document must be deleted and then you have to make sure to print it in the correct format in the print settings.

This guide was created by Jesper Pedersen June 2015, and translated by Line Traberg Larsen July 2016


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